Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Working in a Group


Today we started our final project. I happen to not have anyone that I normally talk to in the group I'm in but it's still going very well. Normally I've been able to choose my group mates for projects in my previous classes so having completely different people is something that I'm not very used to. However, I think that it's beneficial for me to work with people I don't normally talk to because it'll be necessary for the future when I go into college and into the work world.

My group's project is on water analysis and using varying methods of testing water samples for different components. We then compare the water we tested to what "should" be in the water. I'm very excited for this project because it's split into separate parts and combines a lot of what we've learned so far in the class.

As for what the Ivy League Connection has done for me, I want to save that for my very last post. One thing I will mention though is that coming to the East Coast and visiting all these colleges has really helped me focus on what I want to do for my future. It's interesting because about 2.5 weeks ago before coming to Columbia, I still had no plan for what I wanted to study in college. All I really knew was that I would go to college. But now I know that I want to do engineering and possibly do a dual degree program and earn a B.A. degree in something else.

I also want to mention that I do think that the Ivy League Connection is something that I'll bring back to the WCCUSD. Not just about the ILC but also that it is completely possible to expand one's college horizons to outside California borders. Before hearing about the ILC, I felt that I would just apply to schools in California and that would be that. But now I know that there are so many other equally good schools, if not better, in other states too, and I shouldn't limit myself to only California.

Now, if this is how I felt before, it's entirely plausible that many other students feel this way. Even if someone doesn't apply to schools outside California, I want to be sure that they KNOW that many opportunities do exist for him/her. I'd rather someone be informed of everything that's out there and still limit themselves (although I do hope that this won't be the case) rather than someone not knowing at all and limit themselves.



Charles Tillman Ramsey said...

Thank you Julie. Your post provided me a lot of insight. I always wondered how you felt about the ILC. You are one of our new members and I am glad that you shared your feelings. The Ivy League Connection is important to us and we want to have students who will "champion" our cause.

Tomorrow, Ms. Lilhanand is visiing Swarthmore. I applaud her work ethic and commitment to ensuring that our students becoming better informed. Your statements indicate that more students need exposure to what is available outside of California. I am glad that you are willing to expand the conversation and make others known about possibilities outside of our state.

Julie, I have high hopes for you. You are very bright and your talent warrents being at a highly selective college. Take the step and look to go East. You will never regret it. Yes, we have wonderful schools, but you have the talent to stand at the top of the pedestal. Go for it! When you look back thirty years from now, you will say "Thank You Ivy League Connection".

So, yes Columbia and UPENN are schools that I hope you will give strong consideration to and make these colleges know that you have a "thirst" for admission into its institution.

Continue to work hard and demonstrate how important it is to have students like you at these wonderful schools. It is also great that you are learning how to work with others outside of your comfort level. This is a nice thing to see right now and will serve you well later in life.

Enjoy the final few days and remember that you will take away from this experience more than you could have learned in your four years at El Cerrito High School. Great job and good luck on your final project.

Charles T. Ramsey, Esq.
School Board Member
West Contra Costa
Unified School District

Don Gosney said...


You already know and can appreciate the benefit of teaming up with people you know and trust. You don’t have to spend a lot of time trying to figure out the dynamics of the group, learning of each other’s strengths and weaknesses or just figuring out whether you can trust and count on your team mates (check out what happened with one of our Hotelies when 10 minutes before the presentation one of the team mates rebelled and demanded a complete overhaul of the presentation).

Bu then, whether in college are at work it won’t be unusual for you to be thrust into a group where you don’t know anyone but you’re still expected to succeed. This is just a part of the training process.

Do you have what it takes to just right in and make this team work? We think you do, Julie. Now you have to convince yourself.

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