Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Food Galore

Today, Cristina, Sofia, Julie, and I ate lunch at John Jay. When we were almost done, I suddenly had a craving for Pinkberry, a type of frozen yogurt. I invited three of our classmates from Chem, and two of them joined us on our escapade. This was the second time in my life I ate Pinkberry, and it was still absolute heaven. There aren't many in Northern California, so I deemed it another New York experience, even though there are Pinkberrys in Southern California. On the way back, I and one of our classmates discussed the differences between New York and California because he is from SoCal (Southern California). One of the things we discussed was actually how we had yet to see a gas station in New York. You would think, that with the massive number of automobiles here in NY, there would be gas stations maybe every several or couple blocks. Cristina actually claimed to have seen one gas station -- on the way from the airport.

Later on, I joined Cristina and Julie for dinner. Cristina and I waited at the table for Julie to get her food, and when she returned we discovered it to be "un-delicious." We made Julie try it, and from her facial expression we immediately decided to go out to eat. After Julie finished her food, we dragged her to Ollie's, which is right across Broadway from the College Walk. It was actually the place we planned to take Sofia to for her birthday dinner. We tried to keep it a surprise, and since she didn't know, she agreed to go to Greenwich Village with her suite for dinner. This is what we call "Fail." However, we realized it was for the better, since Ollie's didn't turn out to taste as good as we expected.

Oh, and Mrs. Lilhanand bought us some "famous" cupcakes to celebrate Sofia's birthday! They were huge, and they were ridiculously sweet.

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Don Gosney said...


Just so you know, there’s a Pinkberry’s in Santana Row in San Jose.

Where were you eating where the food was so “undelicious”?

New York has never really been on my list of places where I need to visit but on my “just in case” list I’ve placed Ollie’s as a place not to go. After reading your wonderful recommendation I don’t need to check it out for myself to see whether you were right or not.

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