Thursday, July 9, 2009

My Mind Has Changed

In my previous blog, I said that I would explain why I have decided to apply to Columbia University. Like I said, I'm not a very big on the idea of ginormous cities. Yesterday evening, I went to Butler library and it was gorgeous. It had six floors -- full of lots of books that were tattered because of so much use. People were in them and there were various sections dedicated to a specific topic. There were staircases in the same room that led to more books in the same room. Here's an example of a hallway. From the medieval studies part of the library, on the sixth floor, there was an awesome view of Low library across campus.

After thinking and walking around the library for awhile, Jackie and I met up to walk up on the steps of Low Library. It was the perfect weather to just sit back and relax. We talked to each other about our future plans, sitting on those steps was so nice. A lot of other people were just sitting too. We decided to lie down and just stare up at the blue sky. It was nice and the buildings of Columbia looked so perfect against the sky.

It was then that I realized that although Columbia was in the middle of the city, it was more enclosed, and it has its quiet moments. I love New York City, but I'm glad that Columbia is not so spread out, such as NYU.

After class today, we met with the Columbia University Summer Program for High School Students, Darlene Giraitis. She took time out of her busy schedule just to meet with us Ivy League Connection kids. She asked us how we were doing and took a photo with us. Overall, she was very friendly and welcoming.

During our daily meeting with Mrs. Lilhanand, she told us how Mr. Ramsey arranged a meeting with one of Columbia's admissions officers on Monday. She wanted to make sure that some of us were interested in applying to Columbia before we would take up his time. Only Gabe and Jackie were really sure, but I when I think back to that amazing view last night, I think I'm sure about applying to Columbia.

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Don Gosney said...


I’m betting that most of your readers looked at the great photo you posted and let it go at just being impressed with the length of the hallway. Since the photo is so small on the blog, they probably didn’t even notice the cool chock at the end of the hallway.

Not me, though. I ALWAYS blow the photos up so I noticed the gal with her hand on her hip.

I can’t let it go, though without you telling me who your subject was in the photo.

If you have no interest in attending Columbia, then by all means don’t waste the time of the Columbia guy. But if you have even the slightest inkling that you might be interested, you owe it to yourself to tag along and hear what he has to say. You may hear something that piques your interest enough t ask a few questions of your own. This discussion may convince you one way or the other whether Columbia is someplace you might want to apply to.

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