Saturday, July 11, 2009

Engineering for sure


Today of course we went to the University of Pennsylvania! The campus is really amazing and there are four separate schools inside UPenn that are separate from each other. However, I learned from the information session that we have to choose the school we want to enter in when we apply so we have to make a decision right away. We also went on a tour of the campus after the information session and I learned a lot about undergraduate life. I can definitely see what's so amazing about UPenn. The atmosphere of the school feels very welcoming and friendly. There's a place for everyone to be, except for maybe extreme athletes. What's also nice is that there's so many people compared to other Ivy Leagues and there's a bigger variety of student organizations because of it. UPenn is definitely going to be one of the college I apply to next year.

Benjamin Franklin, founder of UPenn

The lunch with June Chu and the undergraduates was very enlightening. I was able to talk to a engineering major and have a lot of my questions answered. Even though he's majoring in Digital Media Design (DMD) that's more art based than most other engineering majors, I really learned a lot about UPenn's engineering programs and engineering in general. After talking to the undergraduate, I realized that I definitely want to do something in the engineering field but I am unsure of whether I should major in something chemistry related or computer related or both. But going to UPenn, listening to the information session about the engineering school, and talking to UPENN undergraduates really confirmed to me that I want to do something in engineering.

After going to UPenn, we were also able to go to the historical part of Philadelphia. The best part to me was seeing the actors that were set up to portray the life of someone living in Philadelphia around the time period of ~1770-1820. I even got to meet Thomas Paine and I took a picture with him. That was the most exciting part

Me with Thomas Paine!

Also, we passed through Drexel University when we were walking over to UPenn. I can't really say what I feel about it since I don't know anything about Drexel U. But I can say the the campus is very structured and clean and orderly. There was a walkthrough water fountain in the middle of the campus as well and a dragon statue in the front. I can't judge the university by the campus though but I thought I should mention that we saw it.


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Don Gosney said...


As you’ve learned first hand, actually seeing a campus and participating in a tour can be much more rewarding than just walking through the campus. Just read what you wrote about UPenn and Drexel and I think you’d agree.

I’m not so shallow as to suggest that anyone apply to a school based on their mascot but that statue of Marvin the Dragon is WAY cool.

UPenn has a lot to offer a student (as Bertha Romo will attest to) so it’s very definitely worthy of your consideration.

I’m so glad that you were able to pay a visit to the historical section of town. That photo of you with Tommy Paine is nice. He looks pretty good for a guy that’s been dead for nearly 200 years. Old Ben Franklin, at least in your photo, looks a little stiff. But I suppose if I was nearly 300 years old I might take on a bronze patina, too.

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