Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Just another day in New York

Today, out of all days, I felt the most comfortable around New York City. Before going out, our class consisted of us running a final lab with the use of the aspirin we created last week. This time, we titrated our aspirin, a simple process where the aspirin -- a weak acid -- would have a base added to it in order to cause a change of pH, with the use of sodium hydroxide. This lab also had my group and I find the concentration and molarity of our product, which showed the many things a scientist could use with the help of titration.

After class, the local students in my class took me out to hang out with them around the city. It was great just being able to relax and talk with these people; they've informed so much about New York's people, its culture, its slang, etc, giving me a taste of what it's really like to live in the Big Apple. I really do enjoy this way of life, which is really pushing my excitement to apply such colleges set in urban campuses!


Don Gosney said...

Gabe, Just about the time you're going to really get comfortable in your new setting it'll be time for you to come home to the life you left behind.

With all of this new-found information and experiences, though, let's see what you do with it all to change the life you left behind.

Madeline Kronenberg said...


Sounds like you're ready to become a New Yorker. How fortunate that you were able to hook up with the locals. I'm glad you recognize that being urban is important to you. City energy is either energizing or draining. Knowing that you are energized by city vibes is a real insight.

Have a good time exploring the Bard and UPENN vibes. I anxious to hear your impressions.

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