Tuesday, July 7, 2009

New York University

Hello everyone!!!!

Today was like every other day except that today Mrs. L took the liberty of taking the time to take us to see NYU.

The campus is very cool in the way in which all the building that belong to NYU surround the Square Park. The way in which you are able to distinct the building that belong to NYU is by the purple and white flags that hang from the walls. Also NYU seems to be located right in the city which give the students a more independent feeling. One thing that I thought was very awesome about the University is that they actually stress about the environment and what they are usually doing now is to do everything by Internet. Even today when Mrs. L went to get information booklets, she really had to beg because of the same reason that everything is done by Internet. ( Did I mention that their library is gigantic! Its about six to seven floors filled with lots of books.)

However, although NYU impressed me I still didn't like the idea that the buildings where scattered all over the place. Also, I don't like the fact that the university is located in the city which could be very distracting for me. I rather stick with Columbia or Vassar which are both closed campus and are not located in the city but are not too far away for the city that I couldn't be able to go if I decided to. I find closed campuses to be better because it provides a better learning environment then those who are not. With a closed campus one is able to concentrate on their studies and be able to experience a college life.

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Don Gosney said...


To each their own, as they say. Some people are drooling over the idea that NYU is smack dab in the middle of NYC while others, like yourself, are looking more at a rural setting. We’re each different and have different needs so make sure you find someplace that’s a good fit for you. I’ve heard Ms. Kim tell this to you time and time again so I hope it’s soaked in a bit.

By the way, the library at NYU has more than 4 million volumes. By contrast, Cal has more than 10 million volumes. To me, anything more than what I need for today is wasted shelf space.

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