Thursday, July 2, 2009

New York Lessons

I came into the Biological Conservation class thinking that it would be more hands on with very little reading material. My thoughts seemed to be confirmed when I found out that there were no textbooks needed for my class. I was however proved wrong when I received packets of papers these past two days and on top if it, questions based on the readings. I stayed up to about 1:30AM trying to finish my homework! It reminds me a bit of my hectic junior year when I had loads of work and other activities that kept on piling. I am always reminded though that this is just ONE class! I feel that the 2 hour long lectures are not as bad as it sounds since block schedules require me to be in a single class about the same length of day; however there is so much information packed into a session which makes it a challenge. I know that it's not impossible, more so one just has to prioritize.

The leadership course at Brown presented itself with more talking and interaction among those in the class. It was the students who led the discussions. In contrast, taking an actually science class is similar to being in regular school where the students listens and ask questions to the teacher. At Brown I was able to sit in on a college class and I remember the teacher just kept on talking, while students took notes. I feel a similar atmosphere in my class, for there is a big projector screen and students are multitasking! I for one am trying to copy down the PowerPoint notes and at the same time listen to what my professor is saying. I am glad that I had practice with abbreviations! I am really sure that I shall walk out of this class knowing more than scientific facts!

Once class was all over, everyone met with Ms. Lilhanand, Ms. Kronenburg, Yohanna, and her family. We took the New York subway towards Time Square, and I assume we were lucky for there was not a crowd (we actually had seats.) From there we walked to a harbor for a boat cruise! The water was beautiful and the cities were amazing as always! I loved the breeze of the wind and the different sections of New York. One of the highlights of this ride was getting to see the Statue of Liberty! I did not think it was real, when our guide told us to look to the right. I must really agree with Ms. Kronenburg who told me, "Once you live in NYC everywhere else will seem small."

I still felt really energetic after getting off the boat. I guess it was the liveliness of the city that acted like a caffeine for I jumped at every chance I could to take a picture. Gradually as we headed back to the subway station, I could feel the slumber seeping in. There was not much talking during the ride back as we all sat with heavy eyes. I did not want to move once we arrived at our stop on 116th Broadway. Our group filed out and I was the last to leave the train. Suddenly the doors closed on me right when I was about to step out! It was like a wake-up shock as they loosened the door and I slightly stumbled out. The station here in NY is definitely NOT like our Bart station back home. I forgot that this place is like a city that never sleeps. One must rush around and time is of the essence. For me, I felt that Providence had a more relaxed and laid back feeling, which is easy to adjust to. On the other hand, I will have to pick up my pace to match the life in the Big Apple! I would make this my New York lesson of the day.

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Don Gosney said...


A very pleasant blog.

I had to read this twice, though. The first time I tired to read it I would get distracted staring at the great photos. Those are just too cool!.

I'm not sure I'd enjoy pure lectures like you described. I'm not sure why you would even have to be there if everything's one sided. It seems in situations like those you could study from home watching the lectures online and save a bunch of bucks. To me, there has to be some balance between lecture and an interaction between the students and the instructor.

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