Friday, July 10, 2009

Westchester Research Lab

Today was a very informative experience. Our class took a trip to the Westchester research lab, where we were exposed to many different types of science. 

The short presentations in the morning were probably my most favorite ones out of the whole day. These people were scientists in the field of tissue culture, immunology, bacteriology, tuberculosis who explained the many tasks and experiments they run each day. Of all the fields in science, I find health-related science to be the most fascinating. I love the study of the complex human body, and how it allows to function as we are every day. Despite my mom's condescending push for me to major in science, I actually am considering this as one of my prospective majors in college. I feel as if that this morning in Westchester was a reminder to myself of my intrigue in a biological science, and specifically a biological science.

The rest of the day was interesting as well. My most favorite presentation during the afternoon was the lecture on radiology. This guy explained to us that decaying particles surrounded us, and were easily to pick up with the use of fine machinery. I was amazed with the man tracking so many of the decaying particles either by use of the machines which pick up either alpha or gamma rays, or by placing it in a machine where it was expose the object's decaying areas.

Afterwards, we returned early from the field trip, earlier than the time our class usually gets out, and went out with some of my classmates. I really feel a strong friendship growing between my classmates and I. These are locals whose culture I have been soaking in for the past two weeks, enjoying every minute of it. I find my stay in New York almost exactly as I hoped it would be. I believe that one hasn't really immersed oneself in a city's culture if he or she doesn't live like the locals. During my stay, I feel as if I've adapted to the local culture, slowly assimilating to it as the days progress. I feel extremely grateful to be able to experience such an opportunity.


Charles Tillman Ramsey said...

Your spending time with locals is critical. You are able to see the "true" New York. I hope that you take notes about what you are learning so that we can use them for next year with our class of ILC students for 2010. I would find them very useful.

Gabe, you will have plenty of time to decide what you ultimately want to major in when you go to College. It is not surprising to see many students change majors after their freshman year in college. No matter how hard anyone drives you to take a certain path in life you will end up with one that gives you the most satisfaction. This is a given, so just use this time to explore and find yourself.

Take care.

Charles T. Ramsey, Esq.
School Board Member
West Contra Costa
Unified School District

Don Gosney said...


It’s a shame that the push you’re receiving from your mother comes across as condescending. A parent can help guide their child in certain directions without coming across or being perceived as being condescending. When the youngster starts resenting the intervention of the parent, it can have the opposite affect of what the parent was hoping for,

You write frequently Gabe, about going out and about with some of the ‘locals’. Maybe you can expand on just what it is that you do when you go with them off campus. I’ve read that NYC is pretty big and offers more than just Columbia but exactly is it that you’re seeing that seems to be fascinating you so much?

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