Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Week And A Half In

Yesterday Ms. Lilhanand brought the group to see New York University (NYU). I was very surprised to find out that we were basically on the campus though it was connected to a park! The college was not what I expected and there were a lot of pros and cons flowing through my head as we explored the area. I am really glad we got to see NYU for it really helped me understand the type of surrounding I prefer. Though I find it very unique to be so connected to the community, I feel that I like the enclosed settings better. I won’t throw away the option of NYU for I still need to look deeper into what it can offer.

Using the College MatchMaker: This really is a convenient way to quickly look up some details about any college. For most of the results that popped up, I had no clue they ever existed. Since there were a lot of choices, I skimmed through each college and mainly focused on the provided majors. I tried to narrow down the results by putting some current interests of mine: architecture, civil engineering, animation and graphic design. I did not limit myself to only private schools, and thus I was given about 35 colleges to look at. Of course there were a few art schools such as Rhode Island School of Design, School of the Museum of Fine Arts, and Parsons The New School for Design. There was also City University of New York: City College, Arizona State University, Cal Poly, New York Institute of Technology, Columbia, Drexel and many more. (A lot of my friends were talking about Drexel, and it has caught my eye through MatchMaker as well. Maybe after going to Philadelphia, I will get a better feel of the area! )

As I walked across Columbia campus, I really enjoyed the atmosphere. I explored the gym (finally) and got to see the indoor track and pool. I later went to Butler Library. The first time I went in, it was for quick research; I did not pay a lot of attention to my surroundings. This time, I walked along the marbled floor halls, and explored 6 different levels. Each location was so quiet and there was always at least one studious student. When you first enter the building, there is a very big and interesting mural with Athena. There is then a double staircase leading to the 3rd floor (one starts on the 2nd floor). To the left as well as right halls upon entering, there are reading rooms and a computer lab. Upstairs, there are references, catalogs, books, names, and just so many resources! There are rooms for group studies as well as personal studies. I loved the structure and designs of each room. It also really is a good place to get work done!

Other Information: Today I learned a couple of things about the tests my friends take at their schools. In California we have the California High School Exit Examination (CAHSEE), while in Pennsylvania it is called the Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (PSSA). I also think that New York does not have exit exams, but they have a state test known as the Regent exams. Teachers base their curriculum off of this exam, which students take at the end of the year. If they fail the test, they must take it again. If they are unable to pass the tests, then they must retake the class.

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Don Gosney said...


I’m glad you asked about the exit exams in other states. It’d be interesting to learn how others do it. Whether they do it at all and what standards they use. I’m even curious about the reaction from the community and how it compares with some of the areas in our own district.

Thanks so much for including the photos with you all and the arch. What a GREAT photo. It will be a wonderful addition to our collection.

The other photos were great, too, in that they showed the majesty of Butler Library and how nice the gym facilities are (just slightly better than back home).

Thanks for sharing, Jessica. This certainly brings your account current.

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