Wednesday, July 1, 2009

With the locals

As much as I enjoy the labs we do in the morning during the Chemistry class, what I've liked best in class is meeting my classmates. A good amount of the people in my class are commuters; some are from Queens, Brooklyn, and even just Uptown Manhattan. 

During the past three days of class, I've gotten close to a few of the guys from Uptown and Brooklyn. Today, I eagerly wanted to see all the nice shoppes New York City had to offer. Thankfully, the guys whom I've bonded with seemed to share many of the same interests that I have. I really felt like I was at home talking to them, with a little differences such as their own New York lingo and accents. I found it very interesting to meet people with such strong accents. I didn't really think that people would actually speak like that, but their voices proved me wrong.

Thankfully, these guys were headed off to Soho, a district in New York City serving the public's taste for high, limited, fashion -- a place that I planned on visiting when I first found out that I was coming. These were naturals in the subway; they understood every train and route, getting to our destination in the fastest way possible. There were a lot of quaint little stores that reminded of the ones that we have back in San Francisco, as well as the architecture of the buildings. The only thing that I disliked -- and have disliked ever since I left California -- was the weather. It was extrememly hot, and the sunny unexpectedly shined down upon us while we made our way to different stores. I just hate it how it's so hot here yet so cloudy -- it just doesn't make sense! 

After our excursion through the beautiful Soho, the locals and I called it a day and headed back to Uptown, where they first dropped me off to the Colunbia station. I really like meeting locals, because it gives me an opening to actually live like a local, Although it's nice to see all the sites and attractions of a place, I feel that in order to experience the city, one must live like a local, and today, I did just that.


Charles Tillman Ramsey said...

Thanks Gabriel. However, expand on your thoughts about not enjoying the weather. Does this mean that 90% of the country is out for you in terms of applying to college. If you want to apply to a highly selective college outside of the Bay Area you better get used to some humidity.

However, you are in school during the summer and when you go to College you will not be in school during June, July or August. So remember that you will miss the terribly hot weather if you plan to attend a prestigious school on the East Cosat.

I want to learn more about the commuters. They sound like students that we see from the school district. Where do they go to school, is it public or private? Are they on scholarship? Have you described the Ivy League Connection to them or to your professor?

How did class go today? Nothing in your post suggested any information on what you learned during the class. How do the students compare here with those back home at Pinole Valley High School? Do you have students who become disruptive in class like we typically see here in our school district.

Have you grown as a person living on your own at Columbia? When do you plan to visit Butler Library or take a University tour to learn more about Columbia? We need you to speak to students who actually go to Columbia that are not part of the Summer Studies Program.

We have a reason that we ask students to blog. We want to see how we can help navigate them through this challenging process and have them do more self evaluating and reflection. This is now happening for you and I hope that you can shed more insight into what it is like to be on campus and in this environment.

Take care and good luck this weekend on the trip to BARD University. I also know that you will have a lot of fun with everyone on Friday when the crew comes down from Brown University. A special guest will also come and her name is Yohanna Pepa who will join the group on Friday.

Take care.

Charles T. Ramsey, Esq.
School Board Member
West Contra Costa
Unified School District

Don Gosney said...


I want to mirror what Mr. Ramsey wrote.

It was very interesting reading about your interaction with the “locals” but there’s so much more we’d like to read about.

One thing I’m curious about, what provisions are made with your chaperone when you leave the area like this? One of my concerns, of course, is that worst case scenario where one of our kids takes off an we never hear from them again. I know that what we see in the movies and on TV isn’t indicative of most of what happens in the Big City but it does happen.

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