Friday, July 10, 2009

Here and There

My class today learned about green roofs, basically plants on the rooftops. My T.A. made a presentation about the benefits of this type of roof and then we headed to the Bronx. There I went to the Fieldstone Green Roof, located on top of a private middle school. The location looked pretty much like a garden, and it was hard to believe that we were standing on a roof! There are a lot of benefits to having a green roof, some which are: cooler air, prevention of pollution, better aesthetics to the area, save money, and more. It helps keep biodiversity and it can provide habitats to endangered species too. Imagining NY with all green roofs would be a pretty amazing site from above. Dr. Gaffin, who works with my T.A. Laura, is trying to work with the city major in hopes to start major green roof projects across the city. Many volunteers come to help maintain the plantations and I think that it would be a nice project back home too. It is definitely a consideration.
Another exciting event that I had went to was the Harry Potter Premiere. It was really exciting even though the group that I went with was a bit far from the red carpet. Still, it was packed with people, and I was squished between three or four people, plus the rail for about 2 hours. This was another big eye opener to the large numbers of NY! The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) was another location that I was able to go to. Along with Julie, the RA, and other group members, we all headed down to the museum near Times Square. The first exhibit that I saw was huge. I did not really think that it could be an artwork! Items after items were displayed across the floor and a wooden frame of a house sat in the center. The materials were collections of the artist and mother who tried to relieve the grief of losing the father through art. It was called "Waste Not" by Song Dong. It was really a sight to see.
Another interesting aspect of the museum was the "Universe Wall" where people were able to get their height measured and then names written on the wall. Julie and I had to wait a bit in line, but were eventually got our names placed in history!
We walked around the museum looking at pictures and paintings, listening to music, as well as designs. On the fifth floor, there was an architecture and design section that I found very fascinating. Every time I become unsure of what I'm interested in for the future, I always find something that draws me back to architecture. The projects seem very hard and long to create, but the outcome seems flawless and worth the time. I had previously did not want to go see the MoMA, but overall I am glad I went. Though my feet hurt from walking around, the experience was worth it.


Charles Tillman Ramsey said...

Great photos. I am glad that you and Julie are part of history. A nice photo of the grand opening. I can sense the energy and excitement through the photo.

Jessica, I would value you sharing what you have learned by being at both Brown and now at Columbia. It is funny, you and Dennis Shem sort of reversed order. Last year, he was at Columbia and you were at Brown, and vice versa this year. It will be interesting to see where both of you end up in school. You have had the experience of doing the ILC for two years and I wonder what impressions you have knowing that you spent the last two years on the East Coast. I would love to hear your thoughts about how you have changed as a person.

Hope all else is well.

Charles T. Ramsey, Esq.
School Board Member
West Contra Costa
Unified School District

Don Gosney said...


You want to see a green roof? Go to Salt Lake City and see the LDS Conference Center. They have ten acres of roof with over 1400 trees on the roof and at least one large fountain. Truly impressive.

People like greenery, Jessica, and the price of land to use for parks can make them cost prohibitive. Using our rooftops as small parks is a wonderful alternative. The benefits can be worthwhile, too. Having a serene setting where people can sit on a bench or under a tree and read or just sit is a great way to break the tension and relieve stress. Companies might find that their productivity actually improves if they have rooftop gardens where their employees can break away from the strains in their cubicles.

A movie premiere—sounds so NYC. When attending an event like that, I can only imagine that your diminutive size would be a disadvantage to you. That is, until the gentlemanly viewers would like at your size and your sweet smile and let you stand in front of them.

Last year we had a bunch of our ILC students attend the opening of The Dark Knight.

I’m afraid that visiting the MoMA might be tough for me. My mind just has a tough time wrapping itself around what some people call art.

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