Thursday, July 2, 2009

Times Square, Once Again

Today, we (including Mrs. Kronenberg and Yohanna Pepa(my bffl)) got on the warm subway (my first time riding it!) and we got off at Times Square. I had no idea we were at Times Square until someone mentioned it. I saw the giant Target advertisement again, and the ESPN Zone. Then, we took a fifteen minute trek through the streets to get to the pier for our boat cruise.

We arrived at the pier and waiting for about fifteen minutes to board the boat. Before we got on, we got our picture taken (with Gabe in the middle because he was the only guy). We got on the top floor of the boat on the sunroom, and settled down. Mrs. Kronenberg was kind enough to watch our belongings while we went downstairs with Mrs. Lilhanand to purchase dinner. While we were ordering, it started to downpour and thunder a little. But, in true New York fashion, the rainy weather went away after about twenty minutes. The tour guide took us around New York City, showing us four out of the five boroughs. It was really nice to watch, especially from the bow of the boat.

After our cruise, we walked back to Times Square. It was dark, and all the lights were very visible. While walking, we passed by a huge Michael Jackson mosaic poster that was made up of tiny pictures of people. We also saw a giant Sprint phone that was like a billboard/television. We discussed how McDonald's is the same everywhere, except for a couple of local foods. We also saw policemen on horses. Then, after our little stop at Times Square, we all went back to the subway and headed back home. We have a long day tomorrow, and apparently I'll be waiting in line for a couple of hours. See you tomorrow, Brown kids!


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Don Gosney said...


Great to hear from you. Sounds like you all had a good time.

Enjoy your extended holiday weekend.

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