Saturday, July 4, 2009

Light by Day and Night

Happy Independence Day! It is July 4th, and I expected nothing less than crowds of people. I went to Long Beach with my one of my RA's and a few of my suite mates. It was very relaxing as I got to have some bonding time with my friends and it was also fun to meet new ones once again. The beach was very long and pretty too! The water was freezing! Though I wanted to go to the canceled Coney Island trip, I am still very happy to have gotten to enjoy the sun, ride the train and get used to the subway systems better.

Abound 9pm, everyone basically went to different areas to find a good spot to see fireworks. My group went to 72nd street along with hundreds of others. At first everyone assumed the fireworks were showing at the far end, however there were actually 5 sections that were up close. It was amazing! The array of colors, shapes and sizes were very entertaining to watch. When it was over, a flood of people tried to rush home. I joined a few people on the 40 block walk back to Columbia (it was further than I thought.)

Just a few thoughts: I think the city is a place that one must get used to. I have always preferred the quiet and smaller location; however the city life seems to just gradually pull me in. I love to explore and this city has so much to offer. However, my greatest fear to be in New York is to get lost. There are so many places, so many directions, and just so many people that I feel like walking in a maze. It really is a daring adventure.

The fireworks had different shapes!

It was very pretty as the crowds cheered!


Don Gosney said...


I was amused when you wrote about your fear of being lost in New York. I couldn’t help but think that a large part of New Yorkers are lost every day.

Sounds like the trip to the beach was a lot of fun what with the fireworks and all.

A forty block walk back to Columbia? That’s brutal.

BTW—Love the photos.

Don Gosney said...


Nice videos, too.

Charles Tillman Ramsey said...

Yes, New York City has a lure all its own. However, it gives you a chance to discover yourself. I need to hear why being in the Ivy League Connection has been a worthwhile program to participate in? Are you glad that you now went to Columbia? Many of our other students declined the second chance to select another school, what made you decide to attend?

The funny thing is that you will still have a chance to visit UPENN this Saturday! Now how great is that? One thing in life is to always remember never to give up or give in. By being pro-active you can make things happen for yourself in life. Never take "no" for an answer and always look at the positive. Only you can define yourself and your future. As Gandhi stated "be the change you want to be"

Hope that you are having a good time at Vassar with the other students today on the self guided tour.

Take care.

Charles T. Ramsey, Esq.
School Board Member
West Contra Costa
Unified School District

Madeline Kronenberg said...


The videos are wonderful. Thanks for taking us all along to the "biggest fireworks display in the US" --- I feel like I was right there.

I'm glad you took the opportunity to go to Columbia. It would be helpful if you would share your motivation to attend Columbia -- and what you're learning as the city is "pulling you in."

Enjoy your last week in NY.

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