Thursday, July 9, 2009

Better Every Day

Well there's not too much to say about today, but I do feel like things are getting better every day. I have become more comfortable in both the lab portion and the discussion portion of the class. For much of the lab portion, I really have Mr. Hudson and his AP Biology class to thank. In addition, when we visited one of the professional labs, which focused on biophysics, I actually understood almost everything the lady was explaining. They currently are working on an experiment which involves E. coli and protein, and I was familiar with a lot of what she was saying because of a lab project concerning E. coli I did in AP Bio.

I think the best part of today was bonding with Julie, Sofia, Cristina, our classmates Matthew (from Southern California) and Corrie (from Beijing), and our new friend Jared (from Texas). We literally spent almost five hours together. We conversed about a variety of frivolous topics, as well as school, tests, and college. Anyways, I'm sure I will have much more to talk about tomorrow, so au revoir!

Goals for the next week:
  • Read Crime & Punishment in Butler Library.
  • Check out the practice rooms or the piano in Learner Hall, and practice.
  • Work out in the gym.
  • Go to Pinkberry during the time when customers get discounts on their orders.
  • Financial aid stuff about Columbia.

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Don Gosney said...


For a few moments I had forgotten about that tortuous rite of passage for high school seniors: the reading of Crime and Punishment (which I always thought was punishment for some crime I had not yet even committed).

At the very least, Jackie, you owe it to yourself to make use of those practice rooms and tickle the ivories just a bit.

By the way, there was a reference to Pinkberry a couple of weeks ago on the new show on the USA network: Royal Pains. A couple of 16 year olds smashed their father’s Ferrari while heading out to Pinkberry. The doctor made a reference to it being overhyped and he had his head handed to him as the gal defended Pinkberry to the hilt.

I’m a real ice cream kind of guy and I’ve never had frozen yogurt (or even unfrozen yogurt) so I can’t share in the fascination that I’ve been reading about with regards to Pinkberry. I haven’t read a single detail about it from any of you but it seems to be one of the highlights of your trip.

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