Saturday, July 11, 2009


As most of you may already, know today we went to visit UPENN!!

First of all I would like to take the time to say how much I appreciate being given this opportunity of coming to Columbia for the summer. I would like to thank all the sponsors, Mr. Ramsey, Ms. kronenberg, and Mr. Gosney for all the support they have given to the students within the Ivy League Connection. Thank you.

What I really loved about about UPENN was it's beautiful campus. Pennsylvania University is located right in the middle of the city but the school's environment had a calming feeling to it. ( Did you know Transformers was filmed on campus!!! That is amazing!) UPENN has what they call schools within the University which include The School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, The School of Nursing, The Wharton School, The College of Arts and Sciences, and then there is the Dual-Degree and Accelererated Programs. When applying to UPENN ,it is required to apply to one of the schools and if undecided there is also the Dual-Degree program which allow students to double major. Also if you decide that the school that you are in is not for you, UPENN allows you to transfer to a different school after your freshmen year. so you don't have to be stuck in a class that is not within your interests. What I find interesting about UPENN is that everyone has the opportunity to begin research as of their freshmen year.

When it comes to socializing , UPENN provides over twelve college houses and three hundred different clubs and activities. So no matter what people are going to be able to make new friends and find a home away from home. It so happens to be that students at UPENN do a lot of community service of activities involving their community which is something I really want to look into.All in all, I had a great time and during this trip and all is left to say is that I loved UPENN.

P.S. I was excited to have eaten my first Cheese steak Sandwich.

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Don Gosney said...


Your enthusiasm in describing UPenn is encouraging and contagious.

Even though it was a summer Saturday, I understand that you had student escorts to help you understand UPenn a little more. Without the tour guides you’re really just visiting the buildings and reading the brochures and what’s the fun of that?

Even if you hadn’t had the chance to enjoy an authentic Philly Cheese Steak the trip sounds to have been worth the time and effort for you.

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