Friday, July 17, 2009

Bye Bye Columbia

Columbia's summer session has come to an end. I am both sad and happy to go back home. I am happy to be able to return to my family after being away from them for three whole weeks. Also, I will get to sleep in my own bed once again and enjoy real home cooked meals. However, I an also sad because after being at Columbia for three week we now have to say our good byes. I have come accustomed to the college life and the people that surround me on a daily bases and its devastating to know that I won't probably see them ever again in my life.

Spending three long weeks away from home has definitely pushed me beyond my comfort zone and because of that I have become a better person. As most people know, when I first arrived at Columbia I wasn't all that great in Chemistry but I stuck through the course and made the best of it. I definitely had it rough but I never gave up and actually learned plenty of chemistry during these three weeks. ("Making mistakes is what makes a person stronger") Also being in a community where people come from all over the world was something I really enjoyed being a part of because you get to learn all the different cultures and languages.

The ILC has helped greatly in making me realize that not to limit myself and look beyond the horizon. Now that I have gone through this whole experience, visiting colleges and actually living in New York City , I now highly consider applying to colleges outside California and the UC system. Before the ILC, I feared the idea of even thinking about college at a much higher level but now I am no longer afraid to think about my future.

I personally want to think Mr. Ramsey, Mr. Godsney, Mrs. Kronenberg, and especially all the sponsors whole made this whole experience possible and who without their generous support we wouldn't be part of this wonderful experience.


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Madeline Kronenberg said...


I am so happy that you have decided to broaden you horizons in applying for colleges. I know how difficult this can be and I applaud your bravery. You have taken the opportunity to grow and I know you can be a true role model to your friends as you show them how not to be limited in their thinking as you had been.

Thank you for your thoughtful posts and WELCOME HOME.

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