Saturday, June 20, 2009

Preparing for Columbia!

Hello everyone!

I finished reading the Columbia University blog from last year (it's a lot) last night and it's really got me thinking about the classes that we're about to take. I looked at the course materials that the Issues in Biological Conservation program would need and learned that they would have an overnight camping trip! Lucky! Sadly (maybe?), we [the chemistry program] do not have any course materials that we would need to pack prior to going. While reading the blogs, I skimmed over a lot of the descriptions of different places because I don't want to expect anything before I go and see it for myself. I actually enjoyed reading the posts, not just because I was able to read about everyone's experiences and suggestions of where to go, but I also because I enjoyed everyone's different writing styles.

I went onto Google Maps to see the surrounding area and stores near Columbia, but it was very difficult to distinguish any buildings from the look of the roofs. So then I tried using Google Streetview but then there were so many streets and different paths I could take, so I didn't know where to start! I guess I'll just have to explore once I get there =]

On a different note, I started making a list of personal, non-educational places (I mean stores) I want to go to while in New York. Just to name a few, I'd like to go are Midtown Comics, the Nintendo Store, and the Apple Store on 5th Ave. (the latter two were suggested by Dennis who went to Columbia U last summer)

I would also like to go see Butler Library after reading Andrew's description of it. Actually, I didn't even think of the books in there while reading his description (hahah).

After reading one of Nick's posts from last year, I have an urge to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art because he mentioned that there was a rooftop garden. I've seen a play structure on a roof before and I thought that was pretty mind-blowing already, so I really want to see a garden.

I also thought it was cool that last year's participants were able to go to a college fair while at Columbia U. I've been to college fairs here in the SF Bay Area but would love to see the different colleges available in the East Coast. Unlike the college fairs that I've been to that mostly have schools in California, it seems like the college fair that everyone went to last year had a lot of different schools from different states on the East Coast, not just from New York.

Dennis also suggested getting a 7-day pass (or even a 30-day one) for the subway since we will be using it a lot :)


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Don Gosney said...


At every turn you impress me even more. Look how much valuable information you licked up just reading what the cohorts wrote last year. Now think how much next year's cohorts might learn by reading what you put down. Kind of scary, isn't it, to think that at your young age you already might be influencing people?

I'm amused that the three places that Dennis suggested you go to were a comic book store, a gaming store and then a big fruit store (just kidding).

Being a MacHead I'd love to see the NYC version of an Apple Store. I've lived more than a few days in some of their better local stores and can imagine that it might be just a teaser compared to their big store in NYC.

It also pleases me to see that you're realizing that an actual visit walking around with your own eyes wide open can be better than virtual reality on your computer. If the computer was just as good as a personal visit, we could shut down the whole travel industry and just rent out a few more computers. [If you haven't seen it you might check out the old Schwarznegger movie Total Recall where there's a company that implants vacation memories into your brain that are so real that it was as though you were actually there. You remembered the weather, the sandy beaches, laying in bed with your partner and even the local cuisine. And you never had to leave the confines of the storefront where they implanted the memories.]

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