Sunday, June 28, 2009

First Day at Columbia

So as you guys must have seen, I posted three videos: Arriving in New York, After Brunch in the Trump Towers, and First Night at Columbia. For this post, I'd like to elaborate on my experience during the first day at Columbia.

Before we checked in, Cristina and I were very much uncomfortable with the possibility of being late. Thankfully, not only did we get in just in time, but it didn't seem like the time restraint was really much of a restraint. Julie is in another hall, of which I forgot the name, while Jessica, Sofia, Cristina, and I are all in Hartley Hall. However, each of us are in different suites. We were all slightly disappointed at first at not being quite together, but I think we are all having a wonderful time meeting new people.

After Mrs. Lilhanand took us to the bookstore for souvenirs, we went back to the dorms to meet with our RAs and suitemembers. When I got back to my suite, the ones present ended up gathering in the common room just to talk. Soon, many of our other suitemates joined in the conversation. We learned everyone's names, what year in school we would enter, what we were studying this summer, where we were from, and so on. In my suite, I have suitemates from San Francisco, Chicago, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut -- as well as London, Puerto Rico, Spain, Turkey, and Poland. I'm missing some of the girls, but I'll find out later. Most of us will be entering our senior year in the upcoming school year, but there are a few juniors, and one sophomore.

At the BBQ, suite/corridor -mates were supposed to bond over dinner, I believe, but the tables couldn't accomodate as many as say, 13 people. Our suite split up, but our table also got two others -- a boy from Chicago, and another boy from Greece.

After dinner, the different groups went their own ways, and the RAs explained a bunch of official stuff to us like rules, times, contact info, etc. And after that, our suite and one of the boy groups went off to a lawn by the Library, and played a couple games. Of the boys, we met a few others from Europe and someone from Ghana. I didn't personally meet everyone, so I don't know from what other countries the others may be from. It was during this time that the international aspect of this program really hit me. It is absolutely incredible to be meeting people from literally everywhere, and I expect I will be meeting even more foreign students.

A few of us went out for ice cream afterwards, and when we returned we started to really settle in. At one point, about 6 of us were actually just hanging out in one girl's room, finding each other online and getting contact information and whatnot. I'm amazed at and so glad for developing these friendships so quickly. Many of us are really sociable, and it's been quite easy getting to know everyone. Plus, the RAs are doing such a great job, and they are such a help to us. We already have plans for dinner tomorrow night, July 4th, and other stuff as well. I'm sure this will be an exciting three weeks with these people.


Don Gosney said...


I think I'm really going to enjoy my time with you on this blog. Your video clips were so much fun and what you're writing is really so upbeat and positive as well as informative.

Just from reading tonight's blog I almost felt the ice cream as it melted in my mouth and I could hear the different accents of the people you were around.

I've seen a lot of these "suites" they set up in dormitories these days but it really sounds like you have a bunch of people in yours. 13?

And I can't get over how quickly you all seemed to have gotten together as if you've known each other all of your lives. Wait ten years and you'll appreciate just how important that little task was.

I am SO looking forward to reading more of what you'll all be experiencing in the next few days.

We're running into some difficulties getting Ms. Lilhanand set up so she can post her own blogs but I hope you all get a chance to read what she wrote through an email which I then posted for her. You all need to help her get set up and encourage her to post just like you all do.

Mrs. L said...

Hi Jackie,
This is a test for me. I'm checking in to see if my blogging is recoreded. Earlier this morning I saw one picture you posted but now I don't see it. I still haven't found your video. As you can see, I still need to learn how to navigate blogs better.
Looking forward to seeing the group tonight and I'm eager to hear all about your first day in class.
See you at 5:00.
Mrs. L

Janna Lee said...

hey jackie!!
you made it to NYC and columbia!!! i remember how much time i had to put into writing blogs and posting pictures and videos.. and if you have to spend lots of time blogging here, ill be reading!
youre so lucky you got a table during the bbq! i remember when i was there, my entire suite had to sit on the floor. reading all of these blogs reminds me of when i went last year and i miss it!! make the most of the time you have there and take advantage of the freedom that colmbia offers. hop on the subway and take little excursions with friends after class, i think great part of the experience is just exploring the city. well, have fun!!! we miss you in hercules!

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