Saturday, June 27, 2009

In just two hours...

I'm packing my things into the family's SUV, and am heading off to El Cerrito. I've decided to pull an all-nighter tonight, in hopes of sleeping the entire flight going to New York City. The past few days, as I've mentioned in my previous blog, have been lived to the fullest. Each day was spent relishing the time my friends and I shared. Now, the time has come: it's time to embark. My feelings are far beyond ecstatic. I have so many predictions filled within in my mind that they have seemed to blend into unimaginable, incomprehensible nonsense. I would rather keep it that way; I want to live this experience like I have been spending the past two weeks in the Bay Area -- with vigor and excitement. So I'm off, Columbia University -- here I come! 

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Don Gosney said...


Just about now you're boarding your plane and within the half hour you'll have the option to make up for the lost sleep from pulling the all-nighter.

I know that some people can sleep like a baby on a plane. Being larger than most people and definitely larger than the seats they rent us for a few hours, sleeping has never been much of an option for me. Right now, though, my own bed is calling out for me and I don't want to disappoint it. When I awake, you should be somewhere over Kansas and sometime after I've had a bite to eat maybe they'll be pointing out parts of Pennsylvania below you. And by the time you disembark from the plane, I'll be thinking about taking a nap.

Go have some fun, Gabe.

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