Sunday, June 28, 2009

Just Amazing

I am sorry that there was no blogging yesterday, but due to the lack of Internet access no one was able to post. However there is only one word that I can think of at the moment, Amazing! I have been in the city for two days now and the buildings, streets and atmosphere are stunning. I did not believe that there was too much to see or do, but I actually there is a lot to take in!

New York City is VERY different from Brown. As some may know, I went to Brown University last summer to take a leadership course for two weeks. Providence was always pretty calm and quiet with very little cars and people on the roads. In MAJOR contrast, the NY streets are filled with noise, people, big advertisements, lights and vehicles. It was right after we landed at the JFK airport that I found out driving around is very scary. Providence streets are spacious and there normally does not seem to be many cars; probably due to the fact that Thayer Street has many stores and restaurants which are in walking distances. However I got to experience the New York traffic right away as we weaved into the Manhattan streets.

Also after arriving at the hotel I learned that Manhattan is really crowded during the afternoon and the streets at night are still filled with activity. Whereas Thayer street reminded me a bit like Berkeley, this city that I am in is like San Francisco plus Las Vegas all in one area. There is so much action and big stores! The bright colors and musty air made the city stand out like nothing I have ever seen! People simple sat in the streets to relax and enjoy the view. Another example of the enormous population was today during the Gay Pride Parade. There seemed to be floods of people both young and old standing by the rails, shopping in stores, and simply walking from place to place. I have never seen anything like it!

Columbia University is beautiful! The buildings seem a bit similar to Brown, with the red bricks, but I have yet to explore more of the campus. The rooms are completely different though! At Brown I was in dorms and here I am in a suite. I must say that I really like the suite style! The rooms have air conditioning, but at Brown I had to buy a fan that did no work very well (it was very hot in the rooms!) Also there is a kitchen, which will prove to be convenient later on. I have a room to myself, but my suite mates are all right next door. I wonder how different it is going to be (being in a single room) since last year I stayed with Gina, a high student returning to Brown University this year.

Yesterday and today was filled with walking, talking, and lots of fun. I have so many pictures that I would love to post but I think it would not all fit! We are trying to set up a link with photo albums on the computer so that it would make it easier to view what we see! Tomorrow is orientation and the first day of class. I wonder what is to come!

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Don Gosney said...


If you take a look at the ILC's main site you'll see a link to Photo Galleries. We haven't set it up or made use out of it yet but maybe you can break it in and then post a link here. Ms. Kronenberg may be able to help since she set it up.

I'm not really laughing at you right now but I am giggling. The way you described NYC is like you had never seen a movie or watched TV where New York City or Manhattan was the setting. To try to compare ANYTHING in NYC to any other place in the world would simply be inappropriate. Even to try to throw Vegas and SF in as a combined city and comparing it wouldn't work. Keep in mind that you've only seen the tip of the iceberg.

I'm sure that the living accommodations will work just fine for you. At least you have suite mates. How many do you have and where are they from?

Once you actually start your classes I'm wondering if your bubbly personality will still shine through. The classes you've all signed up for seem a bit intense. Just because I don't understand any of it, though, doesn't mean that you won't so maybe I should shut up and give you a chance to shine.

Have fun, Jessica.

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