Monday, June 15, 2009


Hello Blogspot! Okay, so the latest update for our Columbia cohort is our assignment from Ms. Lilhanand. We are to read the entire Columbia blog from last year (which holds about 80 posts, btw), research New York City, and research an IV League school. We are also to blog about our IV League school research. So far, Cristina is covering Yale, I am researching Columbia, Jessica is doing Brown, Julie has UPenn, and Sofia is on Dartmouth. We have yet to hear from Gabe, but I hope he has seen the homework so he won't be behind. I may call or text him later, just to make sure.

On a personal note, I am stunned by how busy I will be before leaving for Columbia. My head is spinning!


Dennis Shem said...

Haha I'm not gonna lie, reading all of last year's posts is gonna take a while. But hopefully you'll get something out of it.

I'm sure you'll enjoy Columbia as much as we did. The Residential Advisers plan sooooo many events that you'll definitely find something to do. You can probably tell by all the random things we did there.

A lot of other stuff happened that we didn't blog about because they didn't really pertain to the experience of the school or the program. It's hard to blog about everything.

Don Gosney said...


Don't listen to Dennis. EVERYTHING that you do, see and experience is fair game for the blog. We don't need to know about your dreams or what you do in the bathroom but pretty much everything else tells us more about what you're doing and how it's affecting you.

When you wrote about that assignment I first thought that Ms. Lilhanand was a tough taskmaster but then I remembered that I read all of those postings AND I reformatted them for our archives so it can't be all that tough for you.

Your assignment, though, is to improve on what they did last year. Don't let the 2008 cohorts set the bar for you, Jackie. You and your partners need to set your own bar so that next year's participants will have to shake their heads in wonderment and ask themselves just how they can possible be any better. What you want to be is the Beijing of Olympic Opening Ceremonies where London privately thinks they ought to just forget about having an Opening ceremony for fear they'll look weak in comparison.

You and your team have it in you to do wondrous things, Jackie.

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