Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Just a couple more days...

Wow, I am surprised at how fast time goes by! There is only a couple more days before we head off! I have not finished packing yet, but I think that's part of the fun; deciding what to bring! NYC seems to be filled with TOO many places. I have no clue where I would like to start. I wish I could see it all!

I agree about visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art as well as Carnegie Hall! Both places seems to be a highlight in NY. I think it would be really nice to visit some parks too, such as Manhattan's Central Park. Of course I want to visit the great Statue of Liberty! Plus it would also be great to visit Eilis Island, the location of the World Trade Center, Yankee Stadium, and all the building and streets that make up the city.

I LOVE taking pictures, so anywhere I go I will be taking shots. Even of the FOOD! Does New York Cheesecake actually taste better in NY? There is only one way to find out!

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Don Gosney said...

How long did you say you were going to be gone, Jessica? Even the few things you mentioned sounds like a couple of weeks without any time off for schooling. Best of luck to you.

I love your attitude about snapping photos every chance you get--my kind of gal.

Your comments about packing sounded a lot like what I heard last weekend and I'll repeat my response about the difference between a guy packing and a gal packing. The gal starts two days early and has an exhaustive checklist to make sure that everything has been included. Everything is folded neatly and laid out on the bed. Even after being carefully placed into your suitcase the checklist if checked at least one more time.

with the guy, he wakes up ten minutes before he's supposed to leave, grabs a duffel bag, heads out to the garage where he transfers his things from the clothes dryer to the bag and then grabs a few more things off of the closet floor. And somewhere over Kansas he might start thinking of some of the things he should have thrown in that bag.

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