Monday, June 29, 2009

An early start!

Hello everyone!!!

Today was actually our first day of class which meant that we had to be ready to go to the John Jay Hall where breakfast, lunch and dinner will take place for the remaing thirteen days, not inculding weekends. Although breakfast did not start until 7 A.M people were already lining up since 6:30 in the morning in hopes of avoiding the ten minute wait. I guess that didn't work out so good for them. This morning was actually our first day eating in the John Jay building and by the looks of the inside it sort of reminded me of the Harry Potter movies. After eating my cereal me and my group headed towards the Lerner Hall for a class orientation.

Once we got sited we played a game called Up and Down and what we were basically asked different yes or no questions and if your answer to the question was yes then yo had to stand up. I was actually suprised by the amount of international students enrolled in the Columbia High School Summer program. most of them had to be on a plain for more then ten hours!!! During the orientation we received a folder containing our Columbia ID but unfortunitly I did not recieve my Id and was asked to get durring my midday free time. Sortly after we reviewed the major rules we all seperated to go to the morninh sesstion of our class.

The Modern chemistry class took place in the Havemeyer builing which is a chemistry building. Our proffesor, Luis Avila, is a real fun guy which actually gave me an eye opener that not everything about college has to be all work and no fun while doing it. The proffesor is assisted by our mentors mahamud Surbi, Corey Reeves, Michael Agne, and Aaron Goldmen. Although i did not understand most of the things the proffesor went over at least I noe that there is plenty of people to ask for help. It also good to knoe that the Proffesor is an approachable guy ang i think i shouldn't have problems asking him for help. It was googd to know that there is one of the mentors that we can relate to since he too is from the bay area. The whole morning we just spent the time formly introduce ourselves to the rest of the class and getting to talk a bit about who we are and what we do for fun.

The second part of the session we had to go to our locker provide for us to get our binders given to us in the bigining of class. The proffesor lectured about the properties of light and gave us a demonstration on how every property works. i have to adnit that all the demonstration were prety awesome!! The things I'm going to like about this class is that we will get to have fun while learning and will have the opportunity to do plenty of labs as well as going on a field trip to the Weatchester County department of Laboratories & Research on the tenth of July.

The rest of the day we just went out for a walk on Broadway street which is just outside the University. Now I'll just go to be to get up early for class. Bye!


Mrs. L said...

Sofia, I am glad to see you were able to get internet access for the blog. Is the internet connection now working in your room or did you have to go to another suite to access it? Sounds like you had a great start of the program. I encourage you to set up study groups so you can help each other with the assignments.

Don Gosney said...


Even though arriving early may not have seemed all that advantageous given that they still had to wait, how far do you think they might have been had they arrived at the last minute.

In my experience, it's ALWAYS a good idea to arrive plenty early.

I try to advise our ILC kids to show up to class (or to the college fairs) early and grab a seat in the front row. That way you'll be able to see and hear everything and even the lecturers will notice you (as opposed to the slackers sleeping in the last row).

Perhaps you can further explain this Up/Down exercise and what the purpose was (aside from a variant on PE).

It's always daunting to arrive on the first day of class and already feel that you're unprepared but the profs and TAs should be accessible and can be a valuable tool to unlocking the mysteries of your class. We've already paid for their services so why not take advantage of what they have to offer?

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