Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dartmouth University

I can’t seem to wait to get on that plane although I’m a little frightened to get on a plan for the first time in my life! I can’t believe I am going to be wandering on the streets of the Big Apple and hopefully witnessing a hot dog eating contest. As everyone knows I am a girl and therefore I have a weakness for malls and hope we get the chance to wonder the mall while on our stay in New York City. I can’t wait.

Dartmouth being the nation’s ninth oldest college was founded by Eleazar Wheelock in 1769. Eleazar, a minister from Connecticut, first started with Moor’s charity school which was mainly dedicated to the education of the Native Americans. Later Moor’s charity school was moved from Connecticut to Hanover, New Hampshire with the intentions of expanding the school. After Eleazar moved his school to a newer location he soon found financial problems to be able to maintain his school. Luckily Eleazar counted on the help of his former student, Samson Occom, and the Royal Governor of New Hampshire, John Wentworth. Samson assisted Eleazar with raising substantial funds for the college and John Wentworth provided the grounds on which Dartmouth would be built. Today Dartmouth is located in Hanover, New Hampshire and covers about 269 acres surrounded by the beautiful color green giving Dartmouth its nickname “Big Green”.

Dartmouth is a private, four-year Liberal Arts University that runs on a year-round calendar and is home to 4,100 Undergraduates and 1,700 Graduates. In fact, students are required to spend the summer after their sophomore year on campus. This Ivy League school provides many programs which add to the quality of the undergraduate and graduate experience. Also there is plenty of student-faculty interaction, hand-on in independent research, and a variety of off-campus activities and programs. Some of the Graduate programs include the study of global markets at the Tuck School of Business (1900), more than a dozen programs in the Arts and Sciences, Dartmouth Medical School (1797), and the Thayer School of Engineering.
Students can even dine in the Hanover Inn (yes I did say Inn! Isn’t that awesome?!!) or go to one of the nine libraries location on campus .The Hanover Inn was built eleven years after the construction of Dartmouth, but it wasn’t until 1901 that it was given the name, the Hanover Inn. Before the reconstruction and remolding of the facility the Hanover Inn was known as the Dartmouth Hotel. Since the reconstruction in 1901 the Hanover Inn kept growing when in1924 an east wing was added and in 1939 an outdoor dining terrace was added. The Hanover Inn allows weddings and special event to take place in this facility (imagine tying the knot with the one you love in this cool place. That’s a day to remember!).

If I ever decide to attend Dartmouth I will have the opportunity to meet people from all over the world since most of Dartmouth’s student body come from fifty states and fifty-three countries!

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We have a handful of our ILC team members who have attended Dartmouth and a number of district grads who matriculated there, as well. If you're really interested, we can put you in touch with some of those who can either validate or refute what you've been reading about.

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