Thursday, June 18, 2009

First Blog Thursday!

The last week of school has past and summer has begun. I would like to give an apology for failing to check my e-mail and online obligations. These past few days have been a whirlwind of experience; the days are long, but filled with so much adventure and the usual summer activities in which an adolescent indulges. There are less than two weeks until my great trip to Columbia University, so I've decided to spend most of my remaining time in California with my friends, family, and loved ones. 

Nevertheless, going to New York City in a matter of days remains as the prevailing thought in my mind. Of the four colleges we plan to visit - Vasser, in which I read that the infamous chef, author and travel guide Anthony Bourdain attended, Bard, UPENN, and NYU - I am most interested in visiting the University of New York. Like I've said many times, I am deeply fascinated with the city lifestyle and hope to receive a taste of it during my college years. I've also heard that the campus - or lack thereof a campus - is scattered throughout New York City, making appeal more to my liking.

So, as the time nears, I continue to live the remainder of my summer in California with vigor as well as ease, hanging around with friends. I also won't forget to go online to check any updates. As for my research assignment, I shall attempt to finish it today!

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Don Gosney said...


Life is just one big adventure and your next chapter begins in the early hours of June 27th in front of El Cerrito High.

What I want to know, Gabe, are you going to sit back and just watch the adventure unfold around you or are you going to dive in and be a part of it all?

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