Sunday, June 28, 2009


Don Gosney said...

Ah, Jackie...Anyone who's first post is comprised of photos is okay in my book.

Don Gosney said...


I did you such a disservice by only quickly glancing at the "photos" you posted. It wasn't until the second time around that I noticed that they were video clips and they were wonderful! Even the trip across the bridge was interesting in moving pictures.

Your tour of your dorm suite was especially interesting. Sounds like the RA's really went out of their way to make you all feel at home.

I can just imagine, too, that your two suitemates from Great Britain have probably already emailed back home to their folks about how funny you all talk and they're probably mentioning the accents that you all have. It's all relative, isn't it?

Keep those video clips coming, Jackie. And keep the audio commentary coming, too.

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